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DTM MULTI RIVAL 432 Radio Receiver 2-channel

DTM MULTI RIVAL 432 Radio Receiver 2-channel

Condition of the product:New

Warranty:2 years

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DTM MULTI RIVAL 432 Radio Receiver 2-channel, 35 remotes

MULTI Rival 432 - two channel universal radio receiver is supplied with 12 - 24V AC/DC, devoted to cooperate with gate controllers and other electric devices in MULTI DTM 433MHz system. MULTI Rival 432, cooperate additionally with almost all remotes with dynamic code KEELOQ ®. It is easy to operate and it has great radio parameters.

  • advanced possibilities and easy operate with LED disply
  • output channel turn on time regulated
  • supply 12-24V AC / DC
  • compatible with DTM433MHz series remotes and almosa all remotes with KeeLoq® rolling code
  • supply: 12-24V AC/DC
  • max current consumption: 100mA
  • remotes memory capacity: 35 remotes DTM433MHz series
  • working temperature ( min./max.): -20°C / +55°C
  • enclosure dimensions: 55 x 27,5 x 118 mm
  • installation: outside mounting, splash-proof case, IP 53
  • weight: 80g
  • relay outputs (type / number /max.load): NO / 2 / 1A/24V AC lub DC
  • working modes: monostable, bistable, momentary
  • turn on time in monostable mode: 0,5s from 1s to 127s (1s resolution for timer up to 1 minute and 1min resolution for times from 1min to 127 min)
  • radio module: integrated, superheterodyne, high reliability, reproductibility, interference proof
  • transmission protection: 64 - bit long Keeloq®, dynamic code
  • modulation / frequency: ASK / 433,92 MHz
  • antenna impedance: 50 &Omega
  • antenna: built in whip antenna, connector for external one
  • memory cell: conteins information about every remote and its preferences
  • microcontroller: Microchip®, PIC12
  • memory type: EEPROM, non-volatile, inside microcontroller
  • critical event protection Watch Dog, Power On Reset
  • user interface: hardware interface with 6 diodes and 2 push buttons
  • remote configuration: possibility to assign any button remote to the receiver
  • all memory erase: yes
  • single remote delete possibility: yes, deleted remote presence necessery
  • new remote registering without using receiver button: yes, easy remote registering function